I Still Think About Who I Was Last Summer // Old Gray


Chelsea Wolfe - Full Performance (Live on KEXP)

Threads // This Will Destroy You

It seems I’ve re-discovered my love for this live LP in the past couple days.

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Failure By Design // Brand New

Feel Good Inc. // Gorillaz

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I've Got Friends // Manchester Orchestra


definitely one of my favorite descends.

definitely one of my favorite descends.
Terrible Things // Mayday Parade

Bluish // Animal Collective

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Angus & Julia Stone going on tour..

they don’t tour often do they?


Hundred Waters On Now!

Rhymes Like Dimes // MF Doom feat. Cucumber Slice

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Just realized I can buy Poland Spring water from amazon!!
No more arrowhead, cuz’ that shit sucks!


thee most comfy. #nike

thee most comfy. #nike